The Road to Primalgimcrack

How did this all begin!?


pri·mal /ˈprīməl/ adjective -essential; fundamental.
gim·crack /ˈjimˌkrak/ noun -a cheap and showy ornament; a knickknack.

In my search for a better magic wand than what was available in most magic shops (black plastic with white plastic tips), I was having no luck. So I decided to make my own. I found a wood lathe on craigslist, brought it home and let the wood chips fly.

After some experience making wands and egg boxes from various exotic woods a friend of mine called me and said he had a metal lathe that he bought specifically for making coin boxes. He and a friend went through some frustration trying to get it to work. I took it off of his hands and collaborated with him on my first metal coin box.

The box design has gone through many iterations and, as I tend to get bored, have changed quite a bit since the beginning. On this site you can see the stages they went through, and what’s available today.

All of my gimcrack are made with the professional magician in mind. If I myself wouldn’t use it then I wouldn’t make or sell it. Check back regularly. New picture articles will be added as they are completed. Or join my mailing list and be notified of new posts on this site.

Over a decade after I began this crazy ride I acquired my friend Todd Lassen's lathes and tooling shortly after he passed away. We had just started working together on a pocket stripper when he vanished. I was devastated. The plan was to work together long term in Florida. I needed to figure out a lot of puzzle pieces in order to start doing what Todd was doing.

Here comes Mister Bob Swadling to the rescue! The story is a LOT LONGER than that sentence but that's the gist of it. After living in Florida a few months my friend Kent Gunn introduced me to some of the local magicians who knew Mr. Swadling very well. Word got around to him about my story and we soon had a few chats and wow! Now I'm learning and working with the great Bob Swadling!? GREAT things are in the making!!!

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