Nature didn’t want my wife to leave the homestead today?

Two trees got caught humping in my driveway while a third bamboo stick watched from the background. Not really how I wanted to start my Wednesday. I am glad and proud to own a chainsaw! *UPDATE #1 I guess trees can be lebisians? *knyucknyuck* Slowly clearing away by means of chainsaw and stacking in the ...


Maybe not the best name for a battery? Bursto? Really? These batteries included came with a new kitchen scale we bought the other day. I thought it was funny enough to show someone out there. ;)

Custom Skinny Box

A custom skinny box that fits four BU Morgan's and a matched expanded shell. I think it turned out pretty nice looking even though the bench is a bit messy. As of 4.12.2024 there are six skinny boxes left.

Tropical Storm

When the trees look like this that's what makes the wind blow. 81° Temperature and 73% Humidity. Not a bad time in the shop. Although the rain is incredibly loud the lightning is what scares me.

1921 BU Morgan sets coming off the line!

These are EXPANDED shells using Bob Swadling's methods on Todd Lassen rig (if you know, you know). If you don't know you don't know, please login to The Store for more details. There are extreme close-up pictures behind the public wall. They'll go for $325 for four coins and a shell until I finish the ...

Self Inflicted catastrophic d-base failure!

I've accidentally on purpose definitely maybe blew up my database for this website. I have done my best to recreate the last 48 hours of store access requests. If you requested a username and password for the store and it "vanished" like magic please let me know by requesting one again. Sorry for the f-up!

The Skinny Box (or ‘Keto Okito’ for people on a diet)

Skinny Keto Box Thanks to Curtis above video many people have re-inquired about this box so I'm going to try and crank out ten this weekend along with the other box orders I have lagged on. (I know who you are, you know who you are, sorry about the delay. And this is why I ...

Store updates

I have been busy trying to make store updates for ordering my products. Most of what you see in the store is made to order and isn't 'in stock'. I'm working on the system to be able to make a 'pre-order' without payment. I'll then contact you about the order and finalize the details. A ...

New Website Framework

After waiting for TWO full years the company I get my framework from has updated their core code. I've been very excited for this update. It will help me post better and more content more easily. The company's name is Olegnax if anyone was wondering. I very much appreciate their work and it's the basic ...

Dropped the Ball!

I had plans to post more often this year. I started the first week pretty well. PAH! okay. That didn't last. I am planning (again) to achieve this during the second half of this year. A new (important to me) project is maintaining the official website. Please have a look. The GGG is a ...