Screwing around on a lathe today.

Made some screws today using a machine I haven't used to screw around on before. nyuck nyuck nyuck. This machine is highly accurate for screwing random tiny threads on a really small diameter rod, REPEATEDLY. Here are some pictures of how I might or might not use them (mwhahhahahha). I can literally hide them by...

I fixed it!

One of the lathes in the shop needed a new knob/lever. The weather is really cold right now. 50's temps. The threads were showing through the lever and hurting my hand. So. Delrin to the rescue! Tada! All fixed.

Water leak oh boy!

While running up and down the driveway I noticed my water main is leaking. Cue sad slide whistle sound. It isn't "pretty" but it doesn't LEAK!

Gator Gate Gathering Day 1

GGG 2023 Day ONE: The first day of GGG was a little hectic as I was late getting to the hotel from picking up a friend at the airport. I also needed to drop by the house on the way back in order to grab a longer HDMI cable. The first lecturer, Ed Oschmann, was...

Gator Gate Gathering TOMORROW

Tomorrow at 10:30 AM we'll be setting up for the Gator Gate Gathering! Fantastic line-up this year includes: Ed Oschman Steve Reynolds Ryan Bliss Geoff Williams Jafo If you're not going this year I hope to see you next year!

Ringing in the new year! 2023 BRINGIT. (flex)

I've decided F*ceBook is dead to me. There is no reason to give *uckerberg any attention (money). He doesn't even understand the damage he's doing. I'll be posting news and updates here as often as I can. My intent is to do this daily. We'll see how that goes? Best, Craig

PGC Moved to Florida!

The trip from California lasted a long, long time and was very, very arduous. But, at long last the homestead and business is now in Orlando, Florida. People said I wouldn't like the heat here. I say they've been lying to me about how hot it is! I LOVE the weather here. Apparently it only...


I have intentions of carving out some quarter boxes today. Cores for both lids and box bottoms are done. Now for the hard part. Actually doing the work! I'll add pictures to this post if I can remember to take any and then also remember to add them back into this post. *wink*

Stone Ground Finish FTW!

Click the pic to enlarge Stone Ground Finish Off to Pennsylvania Stone Ground finish looks really nice on brass in the banded areas where I used to only put a polish on. This type of finish will darken over time and give the box an antique look faster than just the satin overall.