Stone Ground Finish FTW!

Click the pic to enlarge Stone Ground Finish Off to Pennsylvania Stone Ground finish looks really nice on brass in the banded areas where I used to only put a polish on. This type of finish will darken over time and give the box an antique look faster than just the satin overall.

Three Deep Fifty Cent (BOX. Not the rapper).

Three deep boxes For a friend in New Hampshire A friend sent me this link to this video of Robbie Morelund preforming a three coin routine with what looks like a three deep DOLLAR brass box. Robbie's routine uses three coins in a unique way that utilizes a box that needs to hold ONLY three...

Strange new finish? NAH.

Stone Ground Bands with Satin Body New Finish Available I often feel like I am constantly overthinking about what to do with the band on the boxes I make. A highly polished banding seems the duckiest! A polished finish is also the hardiest. This leads to the least amount of conservation needed from the final...

Box Set of three recently completed

Recent Set I'm finally back up and running! Here is a standard three box set. Okito, German, Slot. Put a lid on the German and you get a Boston. ;) Finished these on 7/25. I'm happy with the way these turned out. Polished bands on satin body with polished grooving.

Big Boy Box

Silver Eagles for the guy with REALLY big hands! Made this one for fun. Someone wanted one so I made another. Both are now gone. Due to a very prestigious coin maker in Colorado some people have been asking for these. If you put yourself on my mailing list I'll send out a newsletter later...