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Store updates


I have been busy trying to make store updates for ordering my products. Most of what you see in the store is made to order and isn't 'in stock'. I'm working on the system to be able to make a 'pre-order' without payment. I'll then contact you about the order and finalize the details.

A major flooding of login requests has happened(?). Please be patient. I'm updating the user list as soon as I can. I'm still just a one man operation. I have the titles of shop foreman(me) that has to demand faster work out of the machinist(me) and also needs to report to the webmaster(me) that tells the coder(me) to update things like the store. On top of that the shipping department(me) must coordinate with the person that drops off packages to the USPS(also me). My secretary(me) who corresponds with my customers(you) via email and facebook and instagram sometimes takes a while because I'm also the guy who has to take care of the yard at home.

For instance I recently had to change the water pressure switch on my well pump. Well, because I can. Although it saves me lots of $$$ It also takes time. 🙁

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