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The Skinny Box (or ‘Keto Okito’ for people on a diet)

Skinny Keto Box

Thanks to Curtis above video many people have re-inquired about this box so I'm going to try and crank out ten this weekend along with the other box orders I have lagged on. (I know who you are, you know who you are, sorry about the delay. And this is why I don't ask for the money before the work is completed! 😉 )

USD 210.00  Shipping included within the US

This batch will be made from BRONZE not brass. They will have the dark groove lines and the bands will be polished.

Skinny Boxes

The Keto Okito Diet

In early 2013 I made exactly two of these boxes as a size contrast design to the standard dollar box design I was manufacturing. The idea was it would be a one-off shorty style. Meaning without any matching boston, or slot, or et cetera.Those two boxes held exactly THREE Silver Eagle size coins. The first is pictured here:

No one out there seemed to want a box that held THREE Eagles where no matching 'other' boxes would be made.

This bring us to late 2018 and a visit to the Magic Castle with my friend Curtis Kam. I showed him the box.

Curtis Kam's Instagram

After Curtis posted that picture on his IG feed THIS video was made in response to inquiries about it as somewhat of a 'joke'. At least I thought it was hilarious! However, the REAL answer is FOUR. FOUR coins fit in this box. 😉

A few months later in January of 2019 I made five of these skinny keto boxes and offered them for sale. To my surprise (and delight?) they all sold within a few hours of making a social media post. Here is what those looked like:

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